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The Year-Long Countdown 'til the End of the Mayan Calendar Begins Today... Here's Our Wish List for 2012

No need to fret -- depending on the calendar interpretation you believe and your current time zone, you still have approximately 364.5 days left until the end of the world (or "cycle" -- whatever floats your arc), according to the Mayan calendar, a second tablet found in the 1960s, and a second brick found at a Mayan ruin this November.

We've already told you what's on our bucket list and detailed Harold Camping's (twice failed) prophesies of the rapture, but we'd also like to take a second to make our culture-related wish list for the next year

10. The end of the mustache trend
Seriously. You and your matching mustache pillows, letterpress cards, and finger tattoos look ridiculous. 

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Claire Lawton
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