The Year-Long Countdown 'til the End of the Mayan Calendar Begins Today... Here's Our Wish List for 2012

No need to fret -- depending on the calendar interpretation you believe and your current time zone, you still have approximately 364.5 days left until the end of the world (or "cycle" -- whatever floats your arc), according to the Mayan calendar, a second tablet found in the 1960s, and a second brick found at a Mayan ruin this November.

We've already told you what's on our bucket list and detailed Harold Camping's (twice failed) prophesies of the rapture, but we'd also like to take a second to make our culture-related wish list for the next year

10. The end of the mustache trend
Seriously. You and your matching mustache pillows, letterpress cards, and finger tattoos look ridiculous. 
9. A bookstore in downtown Phoenix
Preferably on Roosevelt Row.

8. The recovery and continuation of Hyperbole and a Half
Because we love Allie Brosh's webcomic and have been going through withdrawals ever since she took a break. 

7. Cohesion on Mill Avenue
We're happy to see a new gallery open on Mill Avenue, and we'd be even happier to see a few less empty spaces and a few more more reasons to walk up and down Tempe's main drag and hang out before, after (or instead) of hitting up any of the bars. 

6. The rise of schoolyard games
We're talking jump rope, four square, tether ball, jacks, hop scotch, chalk art, and the favorite toys of Wired's Geek Dad. Mark our words: They're coming back. 

5. Solving the mystery of the missing mural Keith Haring painted in Phoenix
Haring came to Phoenix decades ago to paint a mural with South Mountain High School students on panels on the southeast corner of Central and Adams in downtown Phoenix. Haring asked that it be taken down and destroyed after a period of time (as it was meant to be an ephemeral project that couldn't be used for monetary gain). After Haring's death in 1990, rumors began that pieces of the mural were kept for preservation's sake. If you know more, we should talk. 

4. The end of Twitter

Because no one gives a shit about your instagram photo of latte art. Go outside! 

3. Mural programs in Tempe and Scottsdale
Local artists in both cities have attempted to spark mural trends in their neighborhoods, but were quickly halted by city regulations and drawn-out application processes. If we've got one year left, it should be a colorful one.  

2. The implosion of Facebook (mainly because of Timeline)
If you don't have Time line yet, just wait until the end of the week -- and check back tomorrow for our illustrated field guide. Buckle up: Facebook's getting weirder.

1. One more year in Phoenix 
Because if our first nine wishes come true, it's going to be a shame to turn to dust come December 21, 2012. 

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