Wild Kingdom

Who knew that the world outside could be so perilous? The creepy and crawly take center stage in "Danger or Deception? We Dare You!" at the Phoenix Zoo. Children of all ages are invited to take a chance -- and an up close and personal gander at some of the world's most unique creatures, including poison dart frogs, fruit bats, emperor scorpions, Venus flytraps, bamboo sharks, Moray eels and piranhas. Touch tanks offer an opportunity to handle odd organisms of the ocean, such as sea urchins, hermit crabs, marine snails and "feather duster" worms. For the truly brave, a giant insect gauntlet features scorpions, cockroaches and opportunities to get eye-to-eye with some of the world's biggest spiders. "Danger and Deception" continues through April at the zoo, 455 North Galvin Parkway. The event is free with zoo admission. For details call 602-273-1341 or visit www.phoenixzoo.org. - Eric Schandel

Tag Time

Lasers take aim in Mesa

Mesa's "it" spot just got even cooler. Stratum, "the World's Largest Technotainment Laser Tag Arena and Entertainment Center," boasts new radio technology laser tag equipment -- and is only the second facility in the U.S. to get it. Call 480-545-5500 or see www.stratumhq.com for details on the center, 1455 South Stapley. - Jill Koch

Prince and the Revelation

Cinderella is performed by puppets

Prince Charming seeks a lady love? She's a shoe-in. Cinderella comes to life at the Great Arizona Puppet Theater, 302 West Latham, through January 11. See www.azpuppets.org or call 602-262-2050 for showtimes and tickets, $7 for adults, $5 for children. - Jill Koch

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