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We know where to go for fancier antiques for our great old house, and now we're going to tell you — in good part because you may not know that this wonderful old shop even sells antiques. They do — and good ones, besides. We recently dropped in for a lampshade and ended up staying for an hour to ogle the amazing old lighting fixtures, breakfronts, and side tables. We scored a hundred-year-old cherry wood library table, a lighted lectern ripped from the lobby of an old Deco Miami hotel, and a '20s oil lamp chandelier, too. We're planning to go back next week for that Regency tea cart and perhaps the framed Turner prints, too. Maybe we'll even have a lamp repaired, while we're at it.

Shopping for vintage duds can prove an iffy endeavor in Phoenix, where some stores couldn't be bothered to give a hoot about their products. That's especially true when delving into racks and stacks ends with shoppers exiting in the midst of a dusty sneezing fit. In the case of Melrose district vintage staple Antique Sugar, the clothing couldn't be ignored by the shop owners or vintage lovers long enough for mites to collect — it's simply too desirable. With a sizable men's section (and, man, that's nothing to sniff at) and a plethora of womenswear, Antique Sugar is stuffed with colorful, seasonal pieces that range from bright and ballsy to simple and wearable. What you walk away with entirely depends on whether you're aiming to look like a Betty Boop sex kitten or Mr. Rogers chic.

Yeah, yeah. We know all about food trucks. But there's a new brand of shops on wheels we're excited about: clothing trucks. And we have Ashley Eaton to thank for our newfound obsession. Her white and peach 1961 Shasta Airflyte trailer houses Merry May Shoppe, Eaton's mobile boutique, and travels to festivals and special events such as First Friday to vend her selection of secondhand girly threads. When you're whiling away the hours waiting for Eaton to announce her next big shopping event, check out her blog for fashion inspiration, vintage fabulousness, and Merry May updates.

Misty Guerriero travels the world in search of to-die-for vintage fashion and furniture to fill up Vintage By Misty. London, Paris, Israel, and Spain all make her list of shopping destinations. Where Guerriero's eye for the eye-catching serves her best (in our humble opinion) is in her selection of fabulous baubles, as evidenced by the shop's impressive variety of accessories. From assorted Chanel buttons transformed into costume rings to art deco Guillemette L'Hoir necklaces and Moroccan turquoise armor jewelry, you'll find an array of visually striking statement pieces all vetted by the internationally en vogue shop girl. Accessorize away.

With the frequency that designers use the word "couture" to describe their work, you'd think the stuff magically grew on mannequins. The term actually is short for haute couture, a French descriptor for handmade, custom high fashion that is really, really expensive. And if you're in the market for it, there's one Valley standby that always has it stocked: Fashion by Robert Black. If your aim is to look red-carpet ready, make a stop at the beautiful store, located in downtown Scottsdale's landmark White Hogan building. You'll find one-of-a-kind elegant pieces from decades past and designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Versace. Drooling yet? Yeah, just don't get it on the clothes.

Label lovers who get giddy over good deals on quality products, we're about to let you in on a little shopping secret of ours. Instead of getting bogged down by aimless shoppers and too much filler at places like T.J. Maxx, head to discount department store alternative Poor Little Rich Girl. It’s an upscale resale and consignment boutique chock-full of familiar brands, including Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Coach. But they land some high-end loot, too, and finding labels like Christian Louboutin, Tom Ford, and Manolo Blahnik is a semi-common occurrence. Between its two locations — one in Arcadia and the other uptown — it’ll be easy to stock your closet with next-to-new pieces that’ll hang around for the foreseeable future.

The only thing more adorable than a little girl's party dress is a little girl's party dress at a screaming bargain. And that's what you'll find — rack after rack of 'em, in fact — at Love Child. We'll be honest: We don't know how this cute little consignment store stays in business. The prices on clothing, shoes, and a limited selection of toys, games, and home furnishings for both boys and girls are that low. And we don't care, as long as Love Child keeps supplying us with Nick & Nora nighties, Gap sundresses, and teeny-tiny wool blazers for a 5-year-old nephew who insists on a suit-and-tie approach to kindergarten. The quality is high, the service is friendly, and we can wardrobe our kids cheap and teach them about recycling as well as good fashion taste. That's what we call style!

Nobody pulls off the hippie-chic look quite like Butter Toast owners Traci Nelson and Jasmine Jarrett do. At once effortless and thoughtfully put together, theirs is a look that is easy to attempt but can be tough to pull off. Those looking to cultivate a Woodstock-worthy wardrobe have a leg up by way of the twosome's boutique, though. It's full of reasonably priced, eclectic vintage clothing and accessories that already have Nelson and Jarrett's style-conscious seal of approval. On their racks you'll find a bounty of bohemian dresses, crocheted shawls, worn-in denim, and floral prints that will look right at home in a field of sunflowers.

On the flipside of Mucho Gusto, on University Drive, sits Sunset, a boutique thrift shop where, after a few of those hibiscus margs, we tend to go a little berserk. Not that it's unwarranted. It's quite the opposite. Shopping here is almost too easy to do because the store's racks are packed with designer clothing on the cheap (sometimes with tags still attached, only upping that glorious "I'm saving so much!" feeling) including DKNY, French Connection, and Michael Kors. Overstock from American Apparel and Urban Outfitters also hits the hangers at discounted prices, making it oh-so-easy to tap into youthful, seasonal trends while supporting a local biz. Sign us up.

The ever-chic Angelica Gonzalez bridges two stylish worlds, mixing vintage wear with new pieces from small, upcoming labels at her boutique, Nostra Style House. When the shop joined GrowOp and Butter Toast on Sixth Street off Roosevelt, it completed a trifecta of independently owned stores on a quest to keep downtowners looking good. And, boy, does it succeed. With a stellar throwback selection from Annie Boomer Vintage, a great reputation with local designers, including Tiffe Fermaint, and a keen eye for picking out comfortable, beautiful items from brands like Gentle Fawn and BB Dakota, Nostra is poised to impress shoppers with its curated selection that is largely inspired by Gonzalez's own taste and moods.

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