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A word to the wise, wey: Don't expect to see any WWE-style pyrotechnics, posturing, or production values at the weekly wrestling events put on by Lucha Libre Por. (You can always catch Raw or SmackDown for that sort of stuff, cabron.) Here, it's all about bigger action, wilder matches, and higher-flying acrobatics, with a majority of grapplers sporting colorful and exotic-looking masks. In other words, all the traditions of Mexican-style wrestling, better known as lucha libre. It's what draws families and fans alike inside the Plaza Del Sol marketplace every Sunday afternoon to cheer and boo the larger-than-life luchadores or chant along en español as the action takes place in the ring. The cozy nature of the venue also allows for up close and personal interaction with the competitors, like when spectators hurl vicious insults their way, resulting in a few heated (but ultimately harmless) exchanges that are all in good fun. Don't worry, they won't lay a finger on you, no matter how badly you've dissed their madre.

Best Place to Learn Mariachi and Folklorico Dance

C.A.L.L.E. de Arizona

History is at the center of everything C.A.L.L.E. de Arizona does. The nonprofit's goal is to share the rich history of Mexican culture through various art forms. Two of these are music and dance, specifically mariachi and folklorico. And they celebrate these traditional arts at the yearly Mariachi and Folklorico Festival in Chandler. But they don't just expect people to show up and enjoy the festival. C.A.L.L.E. de Arizona offers workshops leading up to the festival, so as many folkoristas as possible can participate. This year, the organization employed the talents of Maestro Miguel Angel Arellano Peña to teach the students, so you know the festival is gonna be good.


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