Best Place to Buy a Pinata 2019 | Dulceria La Bonita | La Vida | Phoenix

You're never too old to put on a blindfold and whack at a pinata. For birthday parties, barbecues, Cinco de Mayo, or any other festive occasion, we hit up one of Dulceria La Bonita's three Valley locations for pinatas and other party supplies. Pinatas come in a rainbow of colors in the traditional eight-pointed style, but there are also plenty of popular characters to choose from, including Transformers, Hello Kitty, Baby Shark, My Little Pony, LEGO, and Disney favorites. While you're there, you can browse a wide selection of Mexican cookies and chips; pick out party decorations and tableware; and buy candy to fill up your new pinata purchase.

In America, professional wrestling is considered to be, at best, a fringe pursuit enjoyed by neckbeards, or, at worst, trash culture meant for lowbrow types. In Mexico and other Latin America countries, though, it's known as lucha libre and is revered as an art form and cultural tradition stretching back almost a century. Masked luchadores, one of its best-known hallmarks, are considered to be superheroes, god-like beings, or a bit of both. It's been a draw for the Latino community everywhere, including in border states like Arizona. They're not the only ones cheering on the technicos (a.k.a. the good guys) and booing the rudos (or villains), as the higher-flying and faster-paced alternative to American-style wrestling appeals to people of other ethnicities, too. For proof, attend the matches put on by Lucha Libra Voz, one of the most popular promotions in the Valley. Heroes do battle against dastardly foes at nightspots and events like car shows and cultural festivals. We're certain you'll be cheering and jeering along with the rest of the audience in no time, cabron.

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