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Best Medical Marijuana Delivery Service


Tempe-based Supurb has been delivering medical marijuana to patients since 2016, and as a result of closures due to COVID-19 in 2020, the company was busier than ever. Its partnership with a wide network of dispensaries allows it to drop medicated products to patients just about anywhere in the metro Phoenix area. It's been a blessing for patients who don't want to be in crowded dispensaries since COVID restrictions have been relaxed and recreational sales started. Delivery is typically same-day, and fees vary depending on how much the buyer spends (often, the more spent on the medical marijuana order, the lower the delivery fee). Gratuity for delivery is not included, so be cool and remember to tip the driver.

The Mint is like Disneyland for potheads. It's got a large grow room always flush with flora for ogling through display glass, a fleet of cheerful budtenders who can tell you anything you want to know about the products behind them, rainforest-meets-head-shop decor, specials, and freebies galore. The Guadalupe/Tempe location has a full kitchen with a menu of THC-infused hot foods including hamburgers, hot dogs, and pizza. It's a great environment for people who like the culture and community feel of cannabis, and it's got the widest selection of products in just about every category. Various locations have also hosted pop-up vaccination clinics and animal adoption events, providing incentives like free edibles. No carnival rides yet, but the Guadalupe dispensary has a drive-thru, making it even easier to get the goods.

Oasis Cannabis not only has a separate menu and specials just for medical marijuana patients, but it has priority pickup reserved for patients as well. Ordering online is fast and easy, and there's rarely a long wait in the lounge (maybe a few minutes at most). The atmosphere at Oasis is a tad bit more clinical than other places (fake-crystal chandeliers notwithstanding), and getting in and out doesn't take a lot of time. The product selection is also impressive, whether patients medicate with a particular vegan gummy or want a wide variety of tested-potency THC tinctures and flower strains.

Chef Payton Curry planted the seeds of Flourish in Flagstaff in 2016, and the company has blossomed from a small kitchen operation into a line of fine medical edibles available at dispensaries all over Arizona. Flourish's cooking process unlocks the aromatic terpenes and essential oils in cannabis to create jammy fruit chews, date-studded brownies, sweet birthday cake bars, savory chili lime and ranch corn nuts, and a "Retro Mix" of pretzels and cheesy little crackers bites that make snack time and nap time a great mix. Sweet, savory, spicy, cheesy, potent, and consistently dosed? That's how Flourish's garden has grown.

Phoenix Chef Aaron Chamberlin is best known for his current and past restaurant concepts like St. Francis, Taco Chelo, and Phoenix Public Market Café, but his brand of marijuana-infused edibles, Good Things Coming, has gained popularity Valleywide for a few reasons. First, the potency — every batch of Good Things Coming fruit jellies is handcrafted and infused with full-spectrum cannabis oil from the company's 50-acre greenhouse grow and extraction lab in Snowflake. Then, the flavor — among the vegan fruit jellies, the pomegranate is especially juicy and the citrus yuzu has a nice, tangy taste. Ingredients are sourced from local farms and all recipes call for organic sugar, so consumers can feel good about what they're eating and the effects that are coming.

"Homeboy, throw in the towel / Your girl got dicked by Ricky Powell" is a line from the Beastie Boys' track "Car Thief" from the Paul's Boutique album that immortalizes Powell, a New York street photographer who was a longtime pal of the band. He passed away earlier this year, but another way his work lives on is as a custom vape cover created by Timeless Vapes, part of the Timeless Refinery cannabis enterprise. Local artist Josh Rhodes is on the Timeless team, and he's instrumental in adorning these slick pot vapes with cool art, making these weed heaters both practical and collectible. Rhodes himself has graced one with his own work, as well as the work of other local artists like Lalo Cota. If you're gonna smoke, might as well do it in style.

Since 2009, Herb 'N Legend has been the go-to place for artisanal glass pipes, jewelry, and smoking accessories made from 100 percent American glass. In addition to carrying pieces from some of the most popular national manufacturers, Herb 'N Legend is always stocked with beautiful glass options crafted next door at its studio, Melt Lounge. Whether you're looking for a conversation piece pipe shaped like a spiky alien or a monkey with a banana, or you just want to browse a big selection of incense and cool ashtrays, Herb 'N Legend has displays for days. It's like a super emporium for stoners.

You can't take HotRock SupaJoint too seriously, but the animated music video artist (he's literally a cartoon character) definitely takes his weed seriously. Everything he does is about marijuana, whether it's his pot-centric podcast, Supashow, one of his short music videos, or his social media posts. Most of his sentences end with the words "Weed, yo," and the guy has total 1970s stoner hippie hair — a big balloon of long, kinky-curly locks to match his handlebar porn mustache. Even if his whole schtick is a gimmick, it's a good one. Just check out his "Chakra Kahn" 20-minute animated "meditation" video on YouTube for proof.

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