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El Chorro

Although El Chorro Lodge has changed hands several times since it first opened in 1937, some things are fixed in time: the rustic Sonoran Desert charm, the copper-topped bar, and the free basket of warm sticky buns. That’s right –- no matter what time of day you dine, the server will grace you with a hot-out-of-the-oven swirl of soft dough soaked in a sweet, sticky glaze of butter and melted brown sugar. Once those are devoured, it’s on to the rest of the menu, a mix of Mexican-inspired dishes and Modern American cuisine, all with a local Arizona touch. Dinner can begin with the Duncan Farms roasted beet salad with crispy parsnips, Crow’s Dairy chévre, and lemon honey thyme vinaigrette. Larger plates include a buffalo burger with bacon onion marmalade, chicken enchiladas with red and green chile, and polenta and vegetable Napoleon with grilled citrus, quinoa and sweet red bell pepper sauce. And don’t forget to save room for homemade pie; flavors change daily. Read our review.