Feeney's Restaurant & Bar | Central Phoenix | American, Steakhouse | Restaurant

Feeney's Restaurant & Bar

Neighborhood: Central Phoenix
This popular eatery has been a local dining tradition since 1965, and we only wish we'd known about it as long. When we go for dinner, we can't help but start things off with the Tenderloin Toast, a tasty hors d'oeuvres of beef tenderloin, garlic crostini, and herbed cheese that we dream about when we're not at Feeney's dining on it. Typically we move on to the excellent Veal Picatta but, if we just can't get enough of the delicious, tender beef that comes from Feeney's kitchen, we order the London Broil-an end cut, because we love how crispy-brown and tender it is. Earlier in the day, we go for Louie's Big Fat Greek Salad, a tasty combo of calamata olives, tangy peppers, and tender lettuce leaves. Any time of day, we're happy to find ourselves at this fabulous Phoenix staple.
Jacob Tyler Dunn