Happy Hour

Feeney's: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: Feeney's, 6314 N. 12th St., Phoenix, 602-274-9700 http://www.feeneysaz.com/

The Hours: Happy hour proper is between 3 and 7 pm during the weekdays, and after the restaurant closes the bar keeps on serving with a reverse happy hour from 11 pm to 2 am.

The Details: Four buck appetizers and cheap house wine ($3 glasses, $10 bottle), Bud Light draft ($2 pints, $3.25 pitchers), bottled beer ($3), and well drinks ($3).

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The Interior: Feeny's is a neighborhood bar that exudes old world class and attracts patrons from all walks of life, from your granny propping up a bar stool to your teenage sister in the dining room glaring OMG-I-so-did-not-want-to-come-here-life-is-so-unfair. It's the warm, welcoming neighborhood bar that where all the locals hang, and is about as close to Cheers as you'll get in Uptown Phoenix.

Many decades ago it was the original Cork and Cleaver and the décor is still reminiscent, with aged wood, exposed brick and murals lining the walls. The dining area and bar are broken up into several different rooms that add to the intimacy of the place. It also helps keep the volume of the diners and flat screen TVs to a manageable level. There are plenty of televisions to catch the game in both the bar and dining area, but not so many that you feel like you're in the electronics section at a big box store.

The Cost: Two appetizers and a bottle of wine came to 16 bucks before tax and tip.

The Conclusion: Provided you're looking for cheap booze and plenty of fried bar food to soak it up, Feeney's is a solid happy hour contender. The atmosphere is welcoming whether you're fresh off your power hour or seventy years young.

Beer, wine and wells are all generously priced, especially if you go big. A bottle of house wine (chardonnay, merlot or cabernet) will run you ten bucks and a pitcher of Bud will save you big at only $3.25.

The discounted appetizers aren't anything that can't be had the valley over provided the place has a fryer, and the selection left something to be desired. Four bucks will get you fried mushrooms, zucchini, mozzarella sticks or onion rings.

To supplement these meager fried offerings, try hitting up Feeney's for happy hour on a Monday. For the same four dollars you can score a full burger and fries. One thick, juicy patty cooked to order and topped with your choice of cheese on a sesame seed bun. Sounds like something out of a McD's commercial but tastes so much better.

Overall Grade: B

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Erica O'Neil