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Benjamin Leatherman

Giligin's Bar

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Subtlety has never been Giligin's style. (Hell, it’s never been Scottsdale's style.) This island-themed bar has gleefully gone all-out pushing the boundaries of good taste and staging lowbrow gags since its debut in 1995. (Case in point: Prior to the pandemic, it had a pint-sized “midget bar” staffed by little people.) Giligin's embraces its over-the-top spirit with gusto, with a framed letter from PETA protesting its goldfish races on display, glutinous solo eating challenges (read: finishing a family-sized bag of Totino’s pizza rolls in 30 minutes) on the menu, and $2 mystery beers. Excess amounts of alcohol helps keep the gonzo mood going at Giligin’s, of which it has an ample supply (three entire walls are devoted to floor-to-ceiling shelves of liquor bottles). And if patrons can’t choose what to drink, a spin of the “Wheel of Booze” will help decide for them.