Makutu's Island

6919 W. Ray Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85226
Best Of


  • Sun-Thu 10am-7pm, Fri-Sat 10am-9pm
It's a jungle in there. Multistory slides. Mazes of ocean-themed connecting tubes for scampering in. A friendly treehouse. Places to climb and jump and run. Matuku's, the 20,000 square feet of air-conditioned, indoor play opportunities in Chandler is like Chuck E. Cheese on steriods. The parents will inevitably want to leave first, but before those adult aches kick in, the grown ups are welcomed and encouraged to join in on the fun. There will be some tight squeezes, like getting through the underwater-themed tunnel, and possibly a few jammed fingers thanks to those tricky rope ladders, but mostly just a lot of fun for all. The littler kids have their own slower-paced play section and when the chaperones get too tired, they can always head to the game room for some less active entertainment. The kids will never want to leave, but when they do, we bet they'll also want a nap.

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