Mama Lupitas

This casual West Valley restaurant located on Glendale Ave. specializes in the cuisine of Michoacan, a southwestern state on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. While you’ll find standard fare there like nachos, quesadillas, taquitos, tamales, and tortas, the menu also features specialties like bírria seca (barbecued goat), pipian con nopales marquesita (pork and cactus in a brown, nutty sauce), Michoacan-style enchiladas (folded tortillas doused in tangy guajillo red sauce), and ostiones en su concha (oysters on the half-shell). The reasonably priced restaurant also serves one of the tastiest tacos in the Valley. Insanely delicious chorizo is folded into a handmade corn or flour tortilla and topped with intensely smoky chili sauce. It packs some serious sting, especially if you add Mama Lupita’s fresh and fiery red salsa. This is also a great spot for lengua, cabeza, barbacoa, menudo, pollo frito, and chicharrones, and there’s a full breakfast menu with dishes featuring eggs with additions like machaca, chorizo, and carnitas.

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