Maverick Saloon

With slats on the windows allowing air to blow in and cigarette smoke to blow out, the Maverick Saloon is considered a patio. At least that's the technical term, and how owner Alfonso Larriva sidestepped state regulations after an 18-month renovation to allow smoking inside this North Phoenix bar. At first, newcomers may feel a little naughty about lighting up, but soon they'll be puffing away with a lively stable of locals, bellied up to the bar or relaxing on a corner couch in an atmosphere of dark wood and dim lights. Think the Maverick's all smoke and no action? Think again. With eight TVs, kick-ass country on the jukebox, and live entertainment Wednesday through Saturday, this tobacco-friendly joint's got the goods, including Junior, the grill man who whips up pub grub that costs less than a pack; and Sue, Jennifer, and Jessie, bewitching barkeeps who'll make sure your stay at the Maverick is one smokin' good time.