Courtesy of Pomo

POMO Pizzeria Napoletana

Courtesy of Pomo
Lively and fun, POMO Pizzeria is the type of place that quickly becomes the go-to for friends to gather on a Friday night or co-workers to bond after work. Since 2009, the pizza here has reflected the baking style of Northern Italy, where the crust is less dough and more crunch. Cooked in a pecan and oak wood-burning oven, the pizza has a rustic, smoky quality. There are at least 18 flavor choices, including everything from a simple Margherita pie to the Quattro Stagioni — a combination of sausage, cremini mushrooms, salame parma, Gaeta olives, and Parmesan cheese. There is little room for error with the ingredients since the crust is thin and the toppings are fresh. But POMO doesn’t just make pizza. The appetizer menu includes potato croquettes and eggplant parmigiana. Salads can accompany appetizers or pies. And for dessert, gelato is available in every flavor imaginable, providing the perfect end to a Northern Italian meal.

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