Rusty Spur Saloon

Rusty Spur Saloon

Benjamin Leatherman
A genuine historic landmark, the Rusty Spur fits Old Town Scottsdale’s penchant for Western kitsch like a tasseled glove. The compact building started life as a circa-1920s savings and loan (the city’s first), later becoming a saloon in 1958 where liquor was stored in the vault and cowboys and cowgirls slaked their thirsts. These days, Rusty Spur still serves the Wrangler-wearing crowd, as well as tourists, locals, and the occasional celebrity (Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Aniston, and Post Malone have all been sighted here). It packs as much rustic charm and kitsch as ever, from the wagon-wheel chandelier overhead and cheeky bar stools shaped like the legs and posteriors of can-can girls to the license plate collection, mounted deer heads, dollar bills, and antiques decorating every inch of space. Local country, Americana, and rockabilly artists rip it up on a tiny corner stage daily and nightly, creating a party atmosphere where patrons dance if they can find room. Yee-haw.

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