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Tirion Boan

Sizzle Korean BBQ

Tim Chow
You may be familiar with Korean barbecue, but it’s key to note that things are done a little differently at Sizzle. Yes, you can order assortments of raw meats, and yes, there is a little grill at the center of each table. But here, the servers do the cooking. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show as the servers expertly move around the space, simultaneously taking orders and bringing drinks while keeping an eye on which meats need to be flipped, doused in sauce or served. It is possible to order individual meats, but the best value β€” and the most fun option β€” is to order one of the sampler platters. Choose either pork or beef, and prepare for a meaty meal filled with different cuts and flavors. Each dish comes with banchan, or small veggie side dishes, along with salad and steamed egg. Pair it all with a fresh fruit-filled soju cocktail or imported Korean beer for a celebratory evening.