Sottise | Downtown Phoenix | French, Fine Dining, Wine Bar | Restaurant
Tirion Boan


The quaint white bungalow features hanging string lights and a large porch. If not for the diners noshing on seafood towers and escargot, one could easily mistake it for a family home. But this French eatery serves specialties decidedly more sophisticated than what mom used to make, including a buttery, glossy gray Kaluga caviar that will set you back a cool $150 for 30 grams. Baked brie with Calvados brandy-infused honey and hazelnut vinaigrette, and pesto pasta with crushed pistachios and torn basil, are less of a splurge but equally delicious. Enjoy the French fare as you dine at marble tables. The bistro’s rustic interior showcases exposed brick, washed wood floors and green plants that climb the walls. And the vino here is just as good as the fromage. Sottise is the sister to Melrose District’s Progress restaurant and wine shop and boasts plenty of wine from around the world, ranging from a citrusy sparkling rosé to an organic gamay with notes of raspberry and plum.