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Luigi Richie

The Little Woody

The Little Woody is a nesting ground for Arcadians or anyone else beckoned by the glowing owl-shaped neon sign outside. It also attracts with a wealth of upscale bar bites (the savory Grandma Woody’s Meatballs are a favorite), and an array of alcohol choices ranging from stylish (the Gun Shy Sour made with Larceny bourbon, lemon, and locally sourced honey) to slummy (check out The Codger, a can of Old Style chased with Old Granddad). Its wood-heavy and red-drenched interior is a mix of ski lodge, dive bar, and a family rec room that’s filled with eclectic touches (dozens of tiny, ornamental owls are hidden throughout the bar) and also offers a pool table, dance floor, and a game room where Skee-Ball, shuffleboard, board games, and Foosball await. It’s a hoot, just like the rest of the Little Woody.


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