Lauren Cusimano

The Shop Beer Co.

Some bar patios are afterthoughts: dank little smokers’ cages slammed against a busy street or a back parking lot. Not the patio at The Shop Beer Co. in central Tempe, where it feels like you’ve been invited to the spacious backyard of friends who are especially enthusiastic about entertaining their guests. Here, you’ll find picnic tables, soft lighting, colorful wall art, and clean bathrooms. Food trucks, too. Around since 2016, The Shop was formerly known as Cartel Brewery but broke off from the flagship location of Cartel Coffee Lab to do its own thing about a mile north. Our favorite Shop brew is the Church Music, a 6.7 percent IPA that has some pineapple juice in the mix; the F.Y.I.T.M double IPA and the Crispy blonde lager are also standouts. Bonus points to the brewery’s proprietors for knowing their Tempe patrons well: The bike rack out front lies conveniently beneath the street light.