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Tuscan Oven

Where can you find something called Uncle Vinnie's Secret Mussels, and why would you want to? Why, at Tuscan Oven, of course-and you'd want to because they are more delicious than words can adequately describe. A full pound of black mussels with chorizo in a spicy marinara and garlic sauce is just one of the delicacies at Arizona's hottest new dining destination, which celebrates the tastes and energy of Italy's spirited city cafes. Although we wonder if those places offer anything named The Wedgie, a scrumptious salad of wedged iceberg, blue cheese dressing, Roma tomato, crispy bacon and green onion. We like to pair this salad with Leonardo's Burger, a masterpiece of a meat loaf topped with bacon, provolone, and caramelized onion on Texas toast.