Nate Nichols
White Mountain Health Center in Sun City Arizona

White Mountain Health Center

Bud-Tender at White Mountain counter
Nate Nichols
White Mountain Health Center faced an up-hill battle since they first acquired a license to dispense cannabis in Sun City. After successfully suing Maricopa County for their right to open they began providing medicine in January 2015. White Mountain strives to create a tight knit family atmosphere at their dispensary. One of the only dispensaries in Arizona without a true waiting room, patients wait in the same room that medicine is dispensed, inevitably leading to conversation among patients and staff. White Mountain prides themselves on assisting patients across a broad age spectrum. A large team of professionals, mostly patients themselves work to help patients use marijuana to treat their ailments. White Mountain’s health director Dr. Sue Sisley is famous in her own right, currently conducting a groundbreaking study about using marijuana to treat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. White Mountain is continuing to increase their offerings of flower grown in-house by their well known master grower Daryl “Butch” Williams. Friendly and professional staff make White Mountain approachable for patients new to the world of medical marijuana. Also be sure to check out White Mountain’s collection of historic pharmacy equipment and marijuana themed art.