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5 Events to Elevate Your Danksgiving in Metro Phoenix

Smoke out with your new cannabuds while being driven around to dispensaries in the Valley with the 420 Ultimate Canna Bus.
Smoke out with your new cannabuds while being driven around to dispensaries in the Valley with the 420 Ultimate Canna Bus. 420 Ultimate Tours
The Danksgiving holiday is ever-evolving for Phoenix cannabis enthusiasts. For some, it's a fun wordplay to describe smoking out on the big holiday. Others lean into it and infuse their Thanksgiving feast with cannabis in all sorts of creative ways.

For the cannabis industry, Danksgiving reigns green. Green Wednesday — the day before Thanksgiving — is the second highest-grossing day after April 20, and dispensaries and smoke shops go deep with discounts on their products. The specials roll in for Black Friday, too.

Why? Folks want to stock up to get through the long holiday weekend and have plenty of remedy for what can be a stressful time. Having plenty of dank — or potent — weed provides a unique party favor for a Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving or Danksgiving event.

However and whenever you choose to celebrate this week, here are some options for the cannabis consumer.
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The Danksgiving Cannabis Tour is back and takes you to dispensaries to enjoy swag and holiday deals.
420 Ultimate Tours

Danksgiving Cannabis Tour

Wednesday, November 23
2444 West Northern Avenue
The 420 Ultimate Canna Bus is back. Embark on the bus for Danksgiving fun, and smoke out with your new cannabuds while you're driven to dispensaries around town. At each stop, cop the VIP dispensary discounts. Riders are guaranteed a swag bag full of goodies worth double the ticket price, and complimentary snacks and drinks are provided. The 420 Bus, the only rolling "licensed and insured consumption lounge" in the Valley, seats 30 people. The dispensary tour depart at 6:30 p.m. from The Mint Dispensary's Northern Avenue location. Tickets are $50 per person.
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Donate clothing and other items to support the efforts of Tom's Palms to help the homeless in the Vally.
Tom's Palms

Tom's Palms Green Wednesday

Wednesday, November 23
2439 West McDowell Road
Another thoughtful way to kick off Danksgiving is by donating your old blankets, clothes, jackets, and other items to a good cause at Nature's Medicines Dispensary. Tom's Palms, a local nonprofit organization that helps Phoenix's homeless population, takes donations at its storage pod in the Nature's Medicines Dispensary parking lot between 10 a.m.-12 p.m. on Green Wednesday.

Tom's Palms, which includes volunteers who are deeply rooted in the local cannabis community, feeds unsheltered people in Phoenix before and during Thanksgiving. Last year, the group handed out 350 meals with turkey and all the trimmings, 750 pumpkin pie slices, 150 blankets, and more than 100 jackets.

If you miss the team outside of Nature's Medicines Dispensary, look out for their teal-colored Tom's Palms donation boxes at various dispensaries around metro Phoenix when you stop in for Green Wednesday.
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Trap Culture organized Mangja Ganja, a cannabis-friendly food truck festival in early October.
Mike Madriaga

Trap Culture Black Friday

Friday, November 25
6670 West Cactus Road, #106, Glendale
Trap Culture, the group that organized the cannabis-friendly food truck festival Mangia Ganja, is back in Glendale for Black Friday. Cannabis vendors and dispensaries, including GreenPharms, will provide free samples; a food truck will hook you up with free tacos; and Trap Culture will be kicking down some giveaways. Tickets are available on Eventbrite for $15, or you get free entrance if you bring a $10 toy or a facility agent (FA) card. The event goes from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Arizona Smokers parking lot.
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The Mint Dispensary in Tempe will have a live DJ and free tacos on Black Friday. The other Mint dispensaries in the Valley will provide free tacos on Black Friday.
Mike Madriaga

Black Friday at The Mint Cannabis

Friday, November 25
5210 South Priest Drive, Tempe
The largest dispensary in Arizona got an early start on Danksgiving on Tuesday when it launched 135 hours of nonstop retail operations at its Guadalupe location. The Mint Cafe is offering cannabis-infused Thanksgiving side dishes, including gravy, cranberry sauce, garlic herb butter, and cornbread, each with 100 milligrams, for $15 per serving. In addition, cannabis-infused pumpkin and pecan pies are available at all Mint dispensary locations for $15. Supply is limited on the food items.

The celebration continues on Black Friday. A live DJ will spin tunes throughout the day. The Guadalupe store will sell THC-infused coffee — the first spot in Arizona to do so — and free non-infused tacos will be provided at all metro Phoenix Mint Cannabis locations until 8 p.m. All four Mint dispensaries in the Valley will offer buy-one-get-one deals on certain items in the store for the remainder of the month.

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The Errl Cup offered Bong Wars during the two-day festival in October.
Mike Madriaga


Saturday, November 26
Location to be announced on The Errl Cup website
The Errl Cup is throwing a substantial Danksgiving party for the hundreds of volunteers who help put on its events. If you didn't volunteer at the cannabis events this year, don't worry. Management, who were in charge of attracting 10,000 to 15,000 cannabis consumers to Mesa in October and who are "focused on consumer appreciation and dispensary accountability" by testing and awarding the best cannabis products in Arizona, said volunteers can bring guests. If you missed out access to this year's Danksgiving, consider volunteering for the next Errl Cup event. At least three are booked in 2023. A volunteer sign-up page can be found on The Errl Cup website. The cannabis-friendly potluck and party will take place from noon to 3 p.m. on Saturday. Be sure to bring a side dish, dessert, and a cannabuddy.
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