What Are You Smoking? Arizona Patients Share Favorite Medical Marijuana Strains

For Rebecca, Silver Haze takes the gold.
For Rebecca, Silver Haze takes the gold. Courtesy of Rebecca Wierman
In the Valley, we have a slew of restaurants that cater to any kind of hunger one might have. We have enough weekend activities and events to cut through even the thickest layers of boredom. And of course, we have dispensaries popping up all over town, with vast selections that are reminiscent of those coveted 64-count Crayola boxes we all longed for in our early years.

It may only be a matter of time before “What’s your strain?” becomes the new “What’s your sign?” here in Arizona.

In this recurring feature, Phoenix-area patients talk about their favorite types of medicinal marijuana and how they’re consuming them. We’re working on bringing you a variety of patients and their favorite kinds of cannabis, so be sure to check back here periodically for another installment.

Rebecca Wierman, 23

Cannabis Content Creator and
Brand Ambassador

Rebecca likes Super Silver Haze, a sticky sativa with a metallic moniker that racked up its fair share of awards at past High Times Cannabis Cups. When Rebecca wants to procure her pieces of Silver, her brand of choice is Korova, a California outfit that offers Arizona-made products in our own state, and boasts a potency for the most seasoned stoner. Wierman said it provides a chill, relaxing feeling without all that unwanted immobilization. “I love a good joint,” she said, but for this strain specifically, she’s all about the bong. By using this classic method, she’s “able to taste every flavor of the cannabis instead of compromising the flavor due to rolling papers.”

Grae (last name withheld) was happy to spill the Beans for us. - COURTESY OF GRAE
Grae (last name withheld) was happy to spill the Beans for us.
Courtesy of Grae
Grae, 25

Student of Environmental Studies

Forget about the stereotype of the lazy cannabis user. Grae prefers the sweet, citrus-esque Jilly Bean, a hybrid with an uplifting effect. Grae said it gives her the get-up-and-go she needs to seize the day and be on her way.

Grae’s method of intake is by smoking from her beloved bong, named Koi. Once she’s got a head full of Beans, she likes to get outside and walk her dog through in downtown Phoenix. (The dog’s name, she didn’t tell us.) Jilly Beans puts her in the mindset that helps her get the most out of a day of mind expansion at the library.

Billy Ashley, 28


Ashley is a fan of a legendary strain with a NSFW name: Alaskan Thunder Fuck. ATF has a frosty appearance and the unmistakable aroma of citrusy pine with a menthol chaser. Ashley’s prime reason for being a member of the ATF fan club is the motivation and focus it gives him. It “gets me up off of the couch on my days off,” he said. And it seems to alleviate the stress he may get from being in the midst of a crowded bar. Is he a vape guy, edible fan, or a flower child? “All of the above. I smoke out of a bong, always have a vape on me, and tend to save edibles for when I’m in pain or have stomach issues.” A true Renaissance man.

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