OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder Has a CBD Drink Line, and It's Now Available in the Valley

OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder Has a CBD Drink Line, and It's Now Available in the Valley
Mad Tasty

Ryan Tedder, the three-time Grammy-winning singer of OneRepublic, was high-school friends with the Stanley brothers, a crew of siblings from Colorado Springs who're slightly less famous than Tedder — they founded Charlotte's Web, a mega-popular national CBD firm.

When Tedder reconnected with his old friends back in 2016, he was burnt out from touring, depressed, and having panic attacks. He was on medication but interested in a cleaner alternative. Tedder and the Stanleys talked about CBD; Tedder tried it, and he found that it helped.

Inspired, Tedder set out to create a CBD product that was accessible and complimentary to his lifestyle.

“He kind of went on a journey to find a functional ingredient that could help him,” says Leila Khoury.

Khoury's now the director of marketing for Mad Tasty, the CBD brand Tedder eventually founded in 2018, which makes a zero-sugar, low-carb, CBD-infused sparkling water. She says one of Mad Tasty's objectives is to "demystify cannabis" and highlight the benefits of a natural, plant-based product over chemical and pharmaceuticals in some situations.

“He’s really passionate about making products that taste good,” Khoury says of Tedder. “[He’s] very involved with the flavor profiling — all that stuff is really important to him.”

Until recently, it wasn't easy to find Mad Tasty around Phoenix. But CBD Emporium, one of the largest CBD retailers in the Valley, now carries Tedder's 12-ounce cans.

Andrew Young, vice president of product management at CBD Emporium, says he discovered Mad Tasty at an online trade show. He says he appreciates the work Tedder has done both in and out of the music scene and thinks that the singer's positive impact he had on that scene will translate nicely to the world of CBD.

“I know I have personally been positively affected by this particular brand, and I think that the ingenuity of the Unicorn Tears product line ["an exotic and mysterious blend of natural fruit flavors"], as well as some of the other flavor profiles, is really unique,” Young says. "From the color palettes of the brand to the core intention that [Tedder] has laid out … we’re happy to support that.”

You can find a map of CBD Emporiums in the metro here. You can also order Mad Tasty online here
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