21 Questions with Atlas Genius' Keith Jeffery

So we've all heard of the flirtatious game high school crushes with uncontrollable hormones play. If not, well it's simple you asked a total of 21 questions to each other, it could be anything, but usually with their hormonal tensions it's mainly questions like, "Do you think I'm hot?" Some may also know 21 Questions as the title to a 50 Cent track. Yes, 50 does ask some interesting questions as well, like, "If I went back to a hoopty from a Benz, would you proof and disappear like some of my friends?"

Now that it's clear high school lovers and 50 Cent have different version of 21 questions, I decided to bring the game back in a non-sexual, purely goofy and music format. Yes, I played yet another version of 21 Questions with Keith Jeffery of Atlas Genius.

1. Up On The Sun: What was the very first instrument you owned? Keith: Hmm, that would probably be my dad's guitar. The first one I bought was a Gibson Nighthawk, so that was the first one I actually owned for myself.

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Taylor Moon
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