25 Best Club Candids Photos of December

December was what you might call a busy month, and not just because of all the holiday hullabaloo. Granted, there was plenty of that happening, but it was just one of many things we had on our to-do list over the last 31 days or so. Between celebrating the season and toasting the end of 2014, we also spent much time roaming around the night scene and seeing what was going on after dark.

And there unquestionably was a lot to see, such as Snoop Dogg doing the DJ thang at Wasted Grain, hundreds of hip-hop heads feting the final weekly Blunt Club at Yucca Tap Room, thousands of ossified Santas crowding Scottsdale bars, Alice Cooper dishing out his delicious Christmas Pudding at Comerica Theatre, or the Daft Punk clones of One More Time going harder, faster, and stronger at Crescent Ballroom.

Then there were the adventures of Club Candids.

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During the final month of 2014, the photographers of Club Candids welcomed the arrival of new Scottsdale joints BLUR Nightclub and Livewire to the scene, witnessed high-energy hijinks at INTL, and found a lively hotbed of activity during the weekend before Christmas at Bottled Blonde. They soaked it all in and captured it for posterity, including the 25 photographs that were the best Club Candid snapshots of December.

BLUR Nightclub's Grand Opening

When the proprietors of BLUR started using the phrase "expect the unexpected" to describe the place, they probably had little idea of how true a statement it would become. To wit: a few unforeseen issues and unanticipated changes behind the scenes at the nightclub caused its original opening date in late-November to be postponed by a few weeks while everything was ironed out.

It only helped to build anticipation for BLUR that much more, however, as the high-style club was swamped with patrons during its opening night on Friday, December 5, which featured electro-house mixtress Helena breaking in the pimp Dynacord sound system in front of the club's high-tech LED video wall.

Two much.

Bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase "sticking together."

Helena outs on a helluva show.

Settle down, sir.

A drop-dead red.

INTL in Scottsdale

Spend an evening at INTL and its guaranteed to be a memorable experience, especially if its anything like the unforgettable scenes we encountered at the champagne bar and ultra lounge on Friday, December 12. Like, for instance, a female server spraying down the crowd with a CO2 cannon, a packed house writhing to high-energy mixes of beats laid down by DJs Death to the Throne and Cutswell, and amusing (and possibly inebriated) shenanigans from INTL's many patrons.

Hit us with your best shot. Fire away.

We see your point, Cutswell.

Well-suited for Scottsdale.

If you say so, pal.

What's a little kiss between friends.

Bottled Blonde in Scottsdale

Twas the Sunday before Christmas and all through the 'Dale, only a few bars were packed, dispensing sprits and ales. One was Bottle Blonde, a gin joint with style, which was filled with activity and the busiest bar within miles. Many drinkers and dancers were inside grabbing a brew, as were the photogs of the Club Candids crew.

U-G-L-Y...your sweaters got no alibi.

A festive foursome.

Hugging and mugging for the camera.

Yeah, the Arizona Cardinals could probably use some flower power right about now.

Um...do you usually get this sort of reaction when you try to kiss someone?

Livewire's Grand Opening

The 11,000-square-foot live music and entertainment venue along Indian Plaza in Scottsdale opened its doors on Saturday, December 27, with performances by Jared and the Mill and DJ MCB.


Getting carried away.

The Snapback Club.

Lively enough to be on stage.

Bling's his thing.

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