Club Candids

25 Best Club Candids Photos of December

December was what you might call a busy month, and not just because of all the holiday hullabaloo. Granted, there was plenty of that happening, but it was just one of many things we had on our to-do list over the last 31 days or so. Between celebrating the season and toasting the end of 2014, we also spent much time roaming around the night scene and seeing what was going on after dark.

And there unquestionably was a lot to see, such as Snoop Dogg doing the DJ thang at Wasted Grain, hundreds of hip-hop heads feting the final weekly Blunt Club at Yucca Tap Room, thousands of ossified Santas crowding Scottsdale bars, Alice Cooper dishing out his delicious Christmas Pudding at Comerica Theatre, or the Daft Punk clones of One More Time going harder, faster, and stronger at Crescent Ballroom.

Then there were the adventures of Club Candids.

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