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30 Best Concerts in November in Phoenix

We don't blame you if things happen to be a little hectic this month. There's the last of all those Halloween decorations to remove (not to mention all that candy to polish off), warm clothes to get out of storage, and the whole holiday season only a few weeks away.

If you can somehow find time in your busy schedule, as well as money in the budget that isn't set aside for the holidays and such, you might consider checking out a show. There are certainly enough great one happening between now and the end of the month, including the following 30 suggestions.

And if you need even more suggestions, be sure to peruse both our daily music picks and New Times' extensive online concert calendar.

Pissed Jeans - Friday, November 7 - Crescent Ballroom

Though they are not the Jesus Lizard Jr. that many have claimed, Pissed Jeans is a real and true combination of noise, punk, power, and testosterone. Interesting, to say the least, and straight-up rockin' if you dig the über-noisy Amrep Records-style sound. These four lads from Allentown, Pennsylvania, are the embodiment of primal rage. To the untrained eye, they certainly appear to be a nice bunch of young guys, but once they hit the stage, you'd better watch your back, because things tend to fly around a lot at their shows.

Signed to venerable Seattle-based label Sub Pop, Pissed Jeans represents a nod to the aforementioned label's glorious past while maintaining a strong dose of "right here, right now" blue-collar angst. The original idea, at least according to Pissed Jeans singer Matt Korvette, was to do a band reminiscent of Flipper, the Crucifucks, or Stickmen with Rayguns. This is the first trip to Phoenix for the Pennsylvanians, each of whom became a first-time dad around the same time a few years ago. This newfound sense of self, though, has not changed the identity of the band, so expect a fantastic time at Crescent Ballroom. Locals Gay Kiss, who recently did a support slot for OFF! on a regional tour and Tucson's excellent Lenguas Largas, fill out the bill. -- Tom Reardon

Life in Color - Friday, November 7 - CityScape

The crack janitorial staff at the CityScape better have their mops primed and timecards ready since both might get plenty of use come this weekend. We expect that it could take a bit of extra elbow grease and a bunch of overtime hours to get the typically squeaky clean downtown Phoenix retail complex, which is located at 1 East Washington Street, tidy after Life in Color rolls through on Friday, November 7. After all, the touring event hypes itself as the "world's largest paint party" and, as you can guess, involves splaying and splattering both its attendees and venues with an endless deluge of rainbow-colored liquid as electro-heavy dance music acts like Krewella, Cash Cash, and Futuristic Polar Bears perform. Needless to say, dropcloths are likely to get used as the beats get dropped and everything and everyone within the blast radius of the various paint cannons gets splashed with color. -- Benjamin Leatherman

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