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9 Best Bars for Day Drinking in Metro Phoenix

There are a few reasons you might be looking to climb into a bottle of booze well before it's five o'clock anywhere. And regardless of the reasoning, there's a bar in this Valley to meet your needs. We've got dive bars options, wine bar options, and even Scottsdale sports bar...
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There are a few reasons you might be looking to climb into a bottle of booze well before it's five o'clock anywhere. And regardless of the reasoning, there's a bar in this Valley to meet your needs. We've got dive bars options, wine bar options, and even Scottsdale sports bar options, each of which will fill up your cup and set just the right mood for a day long bender that may, or may not, continue all night long.

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It doesn't matter if you're looking to keep rocking and rolling after a long night of partying or just for some rest and recovery, this Scottsdale bar can hook you up. First of all RnR opens its doors bright and early at 8 a.m., so if you play your cards right, you'll have to wait only, like, five hours after the clubs close down. They serve breakfast until 2 p.m., so late sleepers can enjoy breakfast sliders and French toast, too -- and pour a mean Bloody Mary, which (in addition to mimosas) can be enjoyed bottomlessly from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends.

Four Peaks

You'll have to wait until 11 a.m. to start boozing at the Tempe brewery and restaurant, but in our opinion, it's worth the wait. Plus, coming early is one of the only ways you'll have a chance at parking anywhere near the front door. As far as drinks, Four Peaks is obviously all about beer -- and Four Peaks beer at that, but between standards like the Kilt Lifter and seasonal favorites like the Pumpkin Porter, there's usually a brew for every palate. We like the friendly bartenders who won't laugh if you have no idea what "IPA" stands for and always are ready to offer suggestions.


If you're more of a dive bar type than Shady's will offer the dark, retro vibe you're looking for. The Central Phoenix joint is an especially friendly neighborhood bar with surprisingly talented bartenders. Service industry folks frequent this watering hole -- which means, people will always be willing to throw back a few no matter the time of day -- as do bike-riding hipsters and locals. And their famous jukebox is just icing on the cake. On Sundays, pool is free until 7 p.m. so you can get a head start on brushing up on your game.


We love to hate Sandbar's clientele, but if there's one thing the North Phoenix bros and ladies know how to do, it's drink hard all day long. Because Sandbar is one of the only bars around the Desert Ridge shopping area, there's almost always a small crowd lounging around the outdoor patio or in the covered cabanas. It's like a sandy, misted haven for 20-something singles and we have to admit that there's something sort of charming about sipping cheap beers (and the occasional shot of tequila) with our toes in the sand.

The Handlebar

Normally, Mill Avenue is a wasteland of tourists, visiting family members, and underage college students during the day, but if we had to bet where the daytime drinkers would be hanging, out our money would be on the Handlebar. The Tempe bar cashes in on the craft-beer trend with a rotating selection of two dozen European and American brews, as well as local selections. This place hosts lots of events on the weekend, so chances are you'll find something entertaining to do, and if nothing else the daily happy hour from 3 to 6 p.m. means half off all beers.


For the classy day-drinkers out there, Postino offers $5 glasses of wine every day until 5 p.m., which means its totally affordable to get wine-wasted before the sun's even close to going down. When it's cool outside, there's a great patio to enjoy and during the summer the indoor area is cozy and bright. Of course, if you're at Postino, you're probably going to have to get a board of their bruscetta, which is big enough to share -- but good enough that you probably won't want to. Plus, the middle of the day is one of the only times you can get a table at any of their three locations, which are always busy once the 9-to-5-ers get off work.

Casey Moore's

This infamous Arizona State University-adjacent bar is located at the corner of Ash and 9th Street in Tempe and is probably the only place you can find a genuine "neighborhood" that feel close the campus. Most of the drinking will be going down on the spacious outdoor patio, though inside you'll find another bar and a few dining rooms. Arriving early for some day drinking is one of the only ways to guarantee you'll have a seat when things really pick up at night -- because they will pick up at night with the usual eclectic crowd. Happy hours on the weekend runs from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. with $1 off well drinks, wines and beers on tap so technically, day drinking at Casey Moore's will save you at least a buck or two.

The Duce

On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the Duce opens at 10 a.m. giving it an hour head start on most other joints -- especially downtown on the weekends. The understated exterior hardly does justice to everything that goes on inside, including swing dancing, boxing, and shopping. As far as the drinking goes, The Duce has an impressive selection of old school cocktails as well as few specialties you won't find anywhere else. The Duce offers ping-pong, shuffleboard, corn hole and foosball, so it's practically like you can get a work out while you drink. After all, it is part gym.

The Yard

We usually go to Culinary Dropout at The Yard to take advantage of the ping-pong tables, corn hole, shuffleboard, and 1,400 square feet of patio space. Unlike some day drinking spots, this is a bar where you can take anyone -- your co-worker, parents, picky-eater friends -- to have a decent drink and a good time. When the weather allows the covered outdoor patio offers games and comfortable seats that lend themselves perfectly to drinking the day away in good company. You'll have to valet park (it's free but bring cash to tip), but by the time you've had a few drinks you probably should just leave the driving to someone else anyway.

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