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If language were a virus, then L.A. rapper Aceyalone would be one of the sickest men ever to touch a mic. Whether pioneering the art of modern freestyle in the late '80s as part of Freestyle Fellowship or releasing classic underground albums such as '98's A Book of Human Language and '03's Love and Hate, Aceyalone has built one of the most impressive portfolios in all of hip-hop. In many ways, he's the Jimi Hendrix of rap: spitting tongue-twisting, multisyllabic raps that are both mesmerizing and utterly exhausting. His literate and intricate style has served as a blueprint for an entire generation of underground warriors. And his live shows, which include not only a rundown of his hits but also extended freestyle ciphers, are among the most exciting and unpredictable in the business.
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Samuel Chennault