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AFI (a.k.a. A Fire Inside, Asking for It, or Anthems for Insubordinates) is definitely not the same band it was when it began in 1991. Then, AFI was known for having an unpolished hardcore-punk sound: raw, emotional yelling over dirty power chords and blast beats. A few years later, AFI's sound evolved into a neo-Misfits type of horror punk: more melodic, darker lyrics, and better production. Then, in 2003, things got great for AFI. They cleaned up their sound even more, becoming more akin to radio-friendly alternative rock, and became huge stars. The album Sing the Sorrow, with its singles "Girl's Not Grey" and "The Leaving Song, Pt. II" went platinum and cemented AFI as a successful rock act that had all but left its hardcore roots behind.
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