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Alt Rockers The Technicolors Go Big

Phoenix rock 'n' rollers The Technicolors are into big things: Big guitars. Big drums. Big vocals. Big hair. Big sound.

It's only appropriate then that they would record their debut album, Listener, at Studio at the Farm. The recording house, tucked away on three acres of farmland in nearby Gilbert, proved to be the perfect place to capture the band's rich layers of grungy guitar riffs, epic power pop rhythms, and soaring vocals.

Recorded over the span of 10 days, the dynamic audio experience was also put to video thanks to SATF's series, "Live At The Farm." (The video premiere is today at noon.)

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"We really pulled what we wanted to do stylistically with the recording with the way we play our songs live," singer Brennan Smiley says. "Being able to capture that song on video, it's just a way to capture what we do and sort of the way we create that sound."

Recently re-released on November 13 as a deluxe version, Listener, technically is the band's second recording, but it marks the first album to feature the solidified lineup of Smiley, bassist Mike Nicolette, guitarist Mikey Fanizza, and drummer Kevin Prociw. Listener Deluxe revisits founding member Smiley's stripped-down roots with acoustic renditions of "Sweet Time" and the title track.

As a celebration of sorts the group will be giving a free performance on Saturday, December 1, at Cartel Coffee Lab in Scottsdale. And as a bonus, they'll have vinyl pressings on hand for the first time.

"It should be an interesting show because we're playing the entire record straight through, acoustic," Smiley says. "It still remains to be seen [how we're going to pull it off]. We're sort of ADD when it comes to stuff we really like. We like toying with arrangements and taking a song and flipping it upside down.

"It really lets the song speak for itself when you can do that," he says. "This show is an opportunity for us to showcase these songs in a different light."

The Technicolors are scheduled to perform Saturday, December 1, at Cartel Coffee Lab in Scottsdale.

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