Beirut: The Rip Tide

Lucky for us all, NPR Music has given the album its exclusive first listen treatment, streaming The Rip Tide in its entirety before its release.

The two song arc of the titular "The Rip Tide" and "Vagabond" is easily an album highlight -- the former song's mellow moodiness segues tidily into the latter's jangly, upbeat pianos and brazen horns. It's a subtle dichotomy that Condon has since mastered at this point in his rather celebrated career.

There is plenty of substance spread throughout the entirety of The Rip Tide. "Santa Fe," an homage to Condon's hometown, matches up perfectly with the calculated irreverence of lead single "East Harlem." The Rip Tide is sure to become a favorite album of many, slowly becoming a perfect remedy to the long, dog days of late summer.

The Rip Tide is out 8/30 via Pompeii Records and is streaming in its entirety via NPR Music. Track list is as follows:

01 A Candle's Fire

02 Santa Fe

03 East Harlem

04 Goshen

05 Payne's Bay

06 The Rip Tide

07 Vagabond

08 The Peacock

09 Port of Call

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