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BFH Out...

Word came to me recently that local lap-guitar troubadour Brodie Hubbard (aka Brodie Foster Hubbard, aka Brodie Fucking Hubbard) is leaving the 'Nix soon to head back to La-La Land. That's a loss for the singer-songwriter set here; as I wrote earlier this year, Brodie's sometimes tortured, acoustical folky stuff is a pleasure to listen to, especially if you're feeling a bit pissed off with the ladies. But, come the middle of next month (December 16, to be exact), you can give him the kiss-off he deserves at the Fuck You, Brodie Hubbard "celebrity" roast at Trunk Space. Here's the line-up, mark it on your calendar:

M.C.: Kevin Patterson (Grand Avenue LIVE)

musical sets by: Andrew Jackson Jihad and Alexis

and the roasters...

Shane Kennedy (HFE, the Bi-Polar DJ of the Bikini Lounge, and drummer of the Broken Hearted Lovers)

Bob Schriner (Chunklet Magazine)

Emily! (artist, musician)

Sku "T-Bone" Hadley (Uncle Sku's Clubhouse)

Liz the Biz (spoken word)

Wayne Michael Reich (artist... and only 50% confirmed for the show, but he's too good a guest not to announce now!)

Zach Burba (iji, Sea Shells, new Willow House Open Mic host)

CutThroat (CutThroat Freak Show)

Leslie Barton (ex-Modified Arts)

Dustin Martinez (a.k.a. Ricky Rage of Vaginal Dishcarge)

Todd Hoover (The Invisible Teal)

Josie Monroe (Merciless Entertainment)

Stacey Gordon from Elastic Theater

Tommy Cannon from Elastic Theater

Dain Q. Gore (artist)

Jared Blake (comedian)

and JRC (stage manager for Grand Avenue Live and failed performance artist)

Card Subject To Change Stay Tuned!

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