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Bleeding Through, and I Am the Avalanche

You want The Truth? Can you handle The Truth? SoCal emo-metalcore sextet Bleeding Through's third album hits like a falling anvil to the cranium: Ferocious blast-beats, crushing riffs galloping straight out of the Slayer/Biohazard playbook, and vocalist Brandan Schieppati's evil demon-roar (and his occasional, requisite Mike Patton-esque crooning) are the main components of the band's mini-symphonies of destruction. So what's been obliterated? Schieppati's heart — as such choice Truth cuts as "For Love and Failing," "Dearly Demented," and "She's Gone" suggest — and he wants you to know his pain, man. Although the news isn't all bad: The girl may be gone, but at least she left her black eyeliner behind for the band members to wear (it looks best on keyboardist Marta Peterson, whose snaking, melodic synth lines are typically too lost in the mix to soften the band's brutal assault). In the live setting, where Bleeding Through is certain to be sonically exhausting, you'll have to decide for yourself if all of this emotional bloodletting is devastating, or just corny.

Up 'til recently, the borough of Brooklyn, New York, has been a breeding ground for new New York New Wave bands like The Secret Machines (TSM) and TV on the Radio (TVOTR). But now there are some new boys in the 'hood as Brooklyn launches its new Emo chapter with I Am the Avalanche — a power-punk quartet taking the West Coast by snowstorm this winter. On tour with a self-titled 2005 debut album, IATA is connecting with hundreds of thousands of misunderstood inner artists (a.k.a. the emo within). The band's emotive sound is a release of inner turmoil and the frustrations that life can often bring, fused with feelings of love. The combination of poppy punk rock and heavy emotion is what gives emo its tick, and the Avalanche its gain. Expect a high-charged performance, because this band packs a punch. Currently in the process of writing a follow-up record, IATA is rounding up fans faster than a wet snowball.

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