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Check Out A Life of Science's Comic Book, "The Apneist"

As our extensive Comicon coverage hopefully proved, comics and music have never been so closely linked. Bands like Coheed and Cambria are keeping the sci-fi/rock 'n' roll tradition alive, but so is local act A Life of Science.

The electro-indie duo is prepping the release of their upcoming album, Vita Nova, the second in a trilogy the band started with 2009's The Apneist.

The duo recently released a digital version of The Apneist Issue #0. Originally released in 2009, the comic features the beginning of the Apneist storyline, described in a promotional video as "Romeo and Juliet with homicidal robots." We discussed the comic and band's multi-media approach in 2009.

Fans waiting for the next installment will have to wait a little longer, but for fans ready to jump on board, the issue serves as an entry into the band's weird, geek-friendly world.

The comic is available in Flipbook format, and heralds the upcoming release of more Apneist comics, leading up to the release of Vita Nova early next year.

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