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Christian Science Monitor Lizard Forced to Change Its Name By the Actual Christian Science Monitor

Although they possess a passion for Heavenly Father -- not to mention the nutty belief that all disease can be healed solely through prayer -- the folks at the Christian Science Monitor apparently don't possess a sense of humor.

To wit: The publication has brought down the thunder from the heavens upon local joke-punkers Christian Science Monitor Lizard and forced the band to ax its name. As a result, the act is now known as CSML.

The members of the erstwhile Christian Science Monitor Lizard made a post on their Facebook on Sunday night about the change.

"We have been contacted by a certain news publication claming trademark dilution [sic]...No fucking joke!" the update stated.

It's a something of a blow to the relatively embryonic three-person act -- which launched last year and performs a comical songs about Jan Brewer and Sheriff Joe that include plenty of "krautrock, ambient, punk, noise, psychedelic, folk, electronic, industrial, and free rock" -- especially since they had one of the more unique (and funniest) band names in Arizona, second only to Tucson's Clarice and the Lotion Baskets.

This isn't the first time that a local joke punk band had had to alter its name after feeling the litigious sting of a copyright infringement accusation. Comical trio JJCnV was originally known as Janis Joplin Crap 'n' Vomit until the estate of certain '60s rock icon started raising a stink.

The humor of CSML's band name obviously lost on the publishers of the Christian Science Monitor (the international newsweekly put out by the Church of Christ, Scientist) who took umbrage at the fact the name of their paper was being combined with the carnivorous monitor lizard.

"Let us just say that sometimes certain words sounds funny when they're strung together, and that that shouldn't be against the law," the band also stated on Facebook. "Also, fuck any news organization whose funding comes almost exclusively from a parasitic church that starves its adherents of the benefits of modern medicine."

Amen to that.

Christian Science Monitor Lizard CSML is scheduled to perform on Saturday, June 9, at Johnny's Eastside Bar & Grill.

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