Cizmar/Chilton: The Future of Indie Rock on KJZZ

The future of KJZZ has been a hot topic for a week or so now. The debate started with a Facebook group called "Bring Independent Music to KJZZ" which now racked up 1,000+ fans and continued when the station's music director, Blaise Lantana, chimed in to defend her jazz-only programming.

This topic seems like a perfect place to hit "record" on the long-running series of debates between local promoter "Psyko" Steve Chilton and me, music editor Martin Cizmar, a.k.a the guy who said "Downtown is Ovah."

While Steve and I both care a lot about local music, and are on (mostly) friendly terms, we almost always disagree about important topics. We then end up talking for hours and hours about it. This, we think, could be the genesis of a quality Phoenix-focused podcast.

Here's the crib version:

Martin: Give me indie rock or just shut that shitty station down.

Steve: "I would love to see an indie rock station here. I would like that. I just don't want to see it come at the expense of jazz."



to open the podcast.

(Also, you'll notice the audio quality dramatically improves after the first minute or so, so hang in there. We'll make it even better next time...)

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