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Cooking with Cannibal Corpse

Death metal legends Cannibal Corpse released one of their most brutal records to date in last year's Kill (Metal Blade), an album full of songs with tasty titles like "Necrosadistic Warning" and "Submerged in Boiling Flesh." The latter describes a dish fit only for stomachs of steel (or Jeffrey Dahmer): "Enter the tank/It doesn't take long/Epidermis dissolved/All that's left are my bones." The lyrics read like a raunchy recipe, and it's not Cannibal Corpse's first formula for filth. If the five-piece gore group ever publishes a cookbook, it'll be easy enough for them to cull further culinary nightmares from previous songs. Below are some more of the band's bestial concoctions, ready to be whipped up for your next potluck in Hell. Bring on the dry heaves.

"Edible Autopsy" (from Eaten Back to Life, 1990):
A main course of pancreas and liver, with some eyeball soup on the side:
"Guts and blood, bones are broken/As they eat your pancreas/Human liver, for their dinner/Or maybe soup with eyes . . . Gnawing meat, from your bones/Bone saw binding in your skull/Brains are oozing a human stump."

"Meat Hook Sodomy" (from Butchered at Birth, 1991):
A genital shish kebab with entrail salad for dessert:
"Butchery my meat hooks sharpened to penetrate/Emasculate, gouging crotches I will eat/Hung upside down, holes punctured through half chewed gristle . . . Begin the anal grouting/Awaiting insertion, to rip out intestines."

"The Spine Splitter" (from Bloodthirst, 1999):
A spinal cord marinated in pungent bile:
"Fragmentizing, disunite the backbone from the skeleton/consuming of the spinal cord, dead not living . . . Stagnant, pools of entrails, permeates wretched odors."

"Pit of Zombies" (from Gore Obsessed, 2002):
Raw scalp in a bone bowl, topped with sticky viscera:
"They claw at my face/And rip off my scalp/Exposing my skull/Arteries severed/Gushing blood showers . . . A hideous feast."

"Blunt Force Castration" (from The Wretched Spawn, 2004):
Penis pudding:
"Smash his scrotum sac/Altered ferociously/Survived this attack/Sterile now left to bleed . . . Gonads reduced to pulp/Hateful remedy/Void of sexuality."

"Frantic Disembowelment" (from The Wretched Spawn, 2004):
Sliced spleen with tossed pancreas:
"Kidneys exposed/The pancreas flew/Stomach deleted/The spleen I did chew/The carving is over/You lost and I won/Fulfilling my dream/I killed you for fun."


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