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Cut Throat Logic Explains "We Own The Night"

Local rap-duo Cut Throat Logic is gearing up for the video release party of their dance jam "We Own The Night" this Friday, August 26, at Majerle's in Scottsdale. The track is the lead single off of the group's upcoming album, When The Lights Go Out, scheduled to come out early next year.

After this year's release, With All Due Respect, made our list of best local records at the halfway mark of 2011, the bar has been set high for the fellas from Phoenix.

The video will be making its debut amid plenty of glamor as the event promises to boast flashing photo ops on the red carpet and Dia De Los Muertos style face painting seen in the video. Before then, check out what MC JustUs has to say about the song after the jump.

JustUs: "We Own The Night" is about taking ownership over your moment. The passion to grind all day [and] after the sun goes down, grind even harder all night. "You can see the passion inside these bloodshot eyes," is actually not a reference to drugs or alcohol, but to grinding so hard your exhausted from your hustle, but refuse to lay down your head. You keep going.

The inspiration was, Deonte's beat. Truly he put the beat on, and then I went in. Twenty minutes later we had a hit. Bam! Done deal. We brought Raven in to kill it and she did. It was really impressive because this is only the second song she had ever recorded.

We Own The Night (by CTL) ft. Raven [Radio Single] by janthonysandoval

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