Danny Marianino Punched Glenn Danzig, Wrote a Book About the Fallout

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Glenn Danzig, demonic rock-god and real-life comic character, has a way with words. Remember when he told L.A. Weekly's West Coast Sound he would've played Wolverine "less gay" than Hugh Jackman?

The dude gets under peoples' skin, which makes some people want to punch him.

Danny Marianino, frontman of hardcore North Side Kings, did just that in 2004.

NSK was scheduled to open for Danzig in Tuba City, but Dazing went on early, bumping NSK from the bill. Marianino confronted Danzig after the show, prompting the infamous YouTube clip.

The move made him Internet famous, and Marianino has received a deluge of hatemail over the years. Making lemonade from the poorly written, idiotic lemons, Marianino decided to compile it all in a forthcoming book called Don't Ever Punch a Rock Star.

"The book is not about the fight," Marianino says. "It's about the aftermath of years of hate mail and cyber bulling that continues even today, from emails I received to rumors online. It's a funny book and I plan on donating a portion to an organization that helps children that are experiencing cyberbullying. I'm a big boy I can deal with it, but I can't imagine a kid getting bullied at school and coming home to see even a hair of what my band and I had to deal with. [The book also contains] some stories about being in a small band and touring that are crazy."

Marianino has already set up a Facebook page full of scathing, yet hilarious quotes from the book, which "profiles a regular guys journey in music and learning to shrug off one of the most opinionated events in music history."

"The Facebook page is for fun and these are just samples about what I have been reading or being sent via email ever since Danzig has given ten different stories about what really happened," Marianino says, "Any musician and any kid that's a bit of a nerd or that's been picked on will really enjoy this book."

Here's an idea of what is to come:

"I've never heard of North Side Kings, I thought the guy would be some emo pussy hipster.. not a fucking wrestler."

"North Side Quiefs did virtually nothing after this, way to suck a bag of musical dicks, Danzig is still Danzig on the other hand and he can fuck any goth metal bitch literally anytime of the day, North Side Quiefs are still beating off to early 90's penthouse heirlooms."

"hold on, on second thought, NSK's singer was taunting Danzig first with bullshit. Granted, as the story goes, Danzig was trying to get one over on these clowns over booking or some shit. If your name was something as lame as "North Side Kings", who wouldn't?? LOL. Glenn Danzig is one of the richest, most respected INDIVIDUALS in the business. Where the fuck is North Side Kings 6 years later?? The whole thugcore sound and look was cool when? Emo-core is awful, NSK and such is just as dumb."

"Fuck NSK . I proudly wear my" NSK sucks your moms cock so hard it makes my nose bleed " T-shirt. Every weakling on American Idol has more talent than this band. If this is a song of their's, it's pretty shitty. I'd hate to waste my time on any more of their "hardcore." calling these guys hardcore is a fucking joke."

And for a little more clarification....

On a side note from the Hate Mail Quotes etc...

A few message boards online picked up on this page and wrote a real generic blurb on the book which has Danzig fans all riled up again. This is not a book on shit talking on Glenn, it's more about shit talking on me. It's funny, it's not to be taken serious, so relax out there.

Allow a little humor in your lives and stop taking everything so literal as if he is your best friend and if you don't defend his every action you are not metal enough.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.