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DJ Dn3 and Rappers Random, Mouse Powell, and Mr. Miranda Celebrate Election Day

Well folks, this is it. Election day is here and that means one thing: regardless of how you vote today, campaign season is over.

Uncoincidentally, local hip-hoppers Random a.k.a Mega Ran, Mouse Powell, Mr. Miranda and DJ DN3, wrapped up their campaign tour a few weeks ago and as a tribute to the voting spirit, have some new music out today.

Appropriately titled The Campaign EP, the entire production on this latest group effort was quite literally conducted while the quartet was on the road in October. "[DJ Dn3] had like a full power strip running out of the cigarette lighter in the car and a mobile hotspot, so it was like the back seat was his office," emcee Mouse Powell says.

"Rap cats Mr. Miranda, Mouse Powell, Mega Ran, and myself recently embarked on a tour to campaign for your ears," DN3 says on his bandcamp site where you can stream the new release. "On this campaign, I took the opportunity to create some music and ideas that would be formulated to this short EP while I was on the road."

We caught up with Powell for the skinny from the road, as well as his political perspective.

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Up on the Sun: How did the tour go? What was one of your favorite sets from the leg?

Mouse Powell: The tour was a great success. It was awesome getting out of state and everywhere we played seemed really stoked to have us. I gained a ton of respect for Random, Miranda, and DN3. Those guys are all so independently talented, it was cool to get to see them in their elements. I think my favorite stop on the tour was Everett, Washington. I don't think any of us were expecting much because the bar was normally a punk and metal spot, but it packed out and we had a blast. The owner even bought Mega Ran's shirt off of his back. I also fell in love pretty hard with Seattle.

What's the significance of releasing this EP on election day?

Well, the tour was called the Campaign Tour so DN3 thought it would be appropriate to drop it at the end of campaign season. The EP is crazy. DN3 brought his beat making gear on the road with him. It was insane. He had like a full power strip running out of the cigarette lighter in the car and a mobile hotspot, so it was like the back seat was his office. All of the beats on the project were made in the backseat between shows.

Where do you stand on the political spectrum? Are you a voting man?

Man, I don't like to really get too over the top involved in telling people where to stand politically. I definitely do think its important to have a stance though. I'm an independent and am honestly not impressed with either candidate for president. It's all about voting local, though. If nothing else I'm gonna do my part to vote Arpaio out.

Keep a look out for all the people involved in this project. Random just dropped another EP right before Halloween, Miranda and Hexsagon have an EP coming out, and I'm wrapping up the "Ruby Slippers" video and working on a new album called These are the Good Times.

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