DJ Dossier

DJ Frank Mendez on Moombahton, Dave Nada, Performing in a Rainforest, and How to Craft a Killer Set

If you've happened to listen to last year's AZ Gunslingaz moombahton comp, we probably don't need to tell you about DJ Frank Mendez's mixing skills. "Il Cattivo," his collaboration with local dubstepper Sluggo, is arguably one of the disc's best tracks and fully illustrates his abilities to craft exciting and energetic EDM.

You can also hear said talents while attending The Scenario every week at Bar Smith, which allows Mendez to showcase his moombahton mixing abilities alongside the likes of Mark "Ellery" Leech and Pickster One.

Mendez took time recently to share his approach to DJing, as well as tell some stories about performing in the rainforests of his native Puerto Rico and other adventures.

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