DJ XXXclusive Talks Bad Boy Bill, Sangria Luxe Lounge, Miami Bass, Red Bull, and More

Name: Richard Branco

AKA: DJ XXXclusive

Current club nights: Saturday at Sangria, Tuesday at Crave, and I do a lot of guest spots at Cream and Martini Ranch

Genres spun: Anything up beat and energetic, from old-school Miami bass to new electro.

How did you get started as a DJ: I started going to big raves when I was 15 and got exposed to it that way. I moved out when I was 16 and me and my roommate bought a set of turntables together, and that's when it all started. I was always passionate about music though.

Explanation behind your DJ name: I thought about how I wanted people to feel when they saw me DJ, and I wanted them to feel like they where getting something exclusive. As far as the XXX part, I have always been about keeping it sexy, and anyone who knows my DJ style knows I'll get as dirty with it as I can.

Best experience as a DJ? I have had so many good experiences, anytime people are going nuts for the music and I get a reaction song after song!! Bad? Anytime I do an 18 and up club.

Preferred poison when DJing? I start every gig with a sugar-free Red Bull, and sometimes progress to vodka cranberry or vodka tonic.

How do you get a crowd going? Playing hits, then surprising them with classics or songs that I know get a good reaction.

Worst request you've ever gotten? I have gotten them all! The worst song you can think of, I've gotten a request for it.

What's the craziest shit you've seen at a club? BJ's in the VIP!

What do you like best about the Scottsdale scene? I like playing in Scottsdale the best 'cause I feel like that's where I get away with playing the best music, in my opinion.

What would you change? More culture, music that innovates, and more out-of-town headliners.

Best DJ-related joke you've heard lately: Same shit, different DJ.

What sites do you use for music? I'm part of DJ City MP3 pool and I love it. Everything else I dig all over the internet.

Song currently stuck in your head: Bad Boy Bill - "Fast Life"

Current projects: I'm really working on learning to do my own remixes and production, because I want to define my style (which is going to be a Miami bass, breakbeat, electro-rock kinda style. I also have a clothing line that I'm going to get going, called XXXclusive Apparel.

Anything else you'd like to add: I'm riding this dj thing till the wheels fall off!!


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