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Download: Fayuca's Heavy "The Cycle"

Local Latin, reggae, and punk peddlers Fayuca have seen their fair share of success as a productive year comes to an end. Now the trio is ready to step up their game with a brand new album that's almost within earshot.

We document the band's 11-year run in this week's issue as the rambunctious group gears up for a gig tonight at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill in Mesa. In the meantime here's a cut off of their upcoming record, Barrio Slideshow.

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"We're kind of the same as the black market, where everything is imported from other countries and sold in one specific market," band leader and guitarist Gabriel Solorzano says in this week's issue. "We thought we would import genres from different cultures and then sell it to the people. You can find anything in us, too."

"The Cycle" is set to a furious pace replete with a driving guitar riff and singer Gabriel Solorzano's lush voice. "I'm making moves either way, there's no time left for play, just watch who's coming, the skies are bigger, I'm making mine someday," Solorzano says confidently over a head bouncing rhythm. Drummer Rafael Ruiz shines midway through the track with some fancy stickwork during an impressive little breakdown.

Expect Barrio Slideshow to drop sometime next spring, and enjoy this taste for now.


Fayuca, "The Cycle"

Fayuca, "The Cycle"

Fayuca is scheduled to perform tonight at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill in Mesa.

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