Download: Space Alien Donald's "Robot Rap" from New L.A./Phoenix Comp

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet Phoenix's ambassador to Los Angeles on Kingdom Mammalia's new L.A./Phoenix compilation Bringing it Together Like Pangaea: 76-year-old spoken word artist Space Alien Donald, "The World's Oldest Gay Canadian Rapper."

His given name is Donald Roth, but assuming the guise of Space Alien Donald, he offers up "Robot Rap" on the 14-track compilation, an X-rated rap to a blowjob offering machine. So yeah, this one is NSFW.

Space Alien Donald, "Robot Rap"

It's about as straightforward as the rest of the compilation, which includes a Roar cover of Treasure Mammal's "Bromance," recasting the Auto-Tuned R&B of the original as a drum machine-guided would-be soft rock hit, Father's Day's a blistering hardcore cut, "I Don't Fucking Think So," the fuzzy lo-fi New Wave of Heaven's "Can't Grow Up With Poison," and the spectral folk of Whitman's "So*Cal."

The compilation also includes Andrew Jackson Jihad, Hawnay Troof, Andrew Tholl, Minibosses featuring Ihywyp, Ezra Buchla/ Corey Fogel, Treasure Mammal, ESSAY, I.E., and Captain Ahab.

Assembled by Treasure Mammal's Abe Gil, the record's Phoenix release party is scheduled for Saturday, August 4, at the Trunk Space. The Minibosses, Roar, Treasure Mammal, Father's Day, and Space Alien Donald are scheduled to perform (as well as unannounced "secret warriors").

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