Eyes Set To Kill's Alexia Rodriguez on Songwriting, Totalling Tour Vans, and Being One of the Hottest Ladies in Metal

Phoenix fans of the Tempe-based outfit Eyes Set To Kill have another reason to love the balmy Valley winters -- they keep the beloved band (fronted by sexy rockers Alexia and Anissa Rodriguez, both listed on Revolver's Hottest Chicks in Metal roster) in town and off the tour bus due to cold weather on the east coast, near-death experiences on icy roads, and four totaled vans.

The band chooses to rock out on stages throughout the Valley during the holiday season instead, and this year is particularly special.

The band's newest album, White Lotus, released in August, represents the band's rebirth much like the metamorphosis of the said white flower. The young members have spent years concealing their true identity (in part because it was suppressed by labels, in part because they were still discovering their sound and concept), but now collectively feel like they are representing who they truly are as musicians.

Since 2003, Eyes Set To Kill have carved out a melodically metal niche in the local scene, with an emphasis on chugging guitars, tortured screams and Alexia's soaring vocals, ranging from delicate to aggressive. With more than one million views on their YouTube page, they are one of the local scene's major players and have a loyal underground fan base that sports tattoos of song lyrics -- even some of Alexia and Anissa's faces -- and follow them to shows around the country.

Singer/guitarist/pianist Alexia Rodriguez sat down with Up On The Sun to talk about the difference between older and younger rock fans, totaling three tour buses, male groupies and the concept behind White Lotus.

Eyes Set To Kill is scheduled to perform Friday, December 30, at the Clubhouse in Tempe.

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