Flux Pavilion: I Don't Care About What's Cool; I'm Just Doing What I Love

Tooting your own horn isn't always a good thing. In moderation, though, what's the problem? It's just a way of telling others you're happy or proud about something--and there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Assuming that you answered "Right!" or "No, not at all," I guess it's okay for me to toot my horn a bit. After months of emails, hoping, and simply praying, I scored a phone interview with Flux Pavilion. Man, is that dude busy. I'm not going to say I have an obsession, but he was one of the first producers and DJs that ever hooked me.

I was excited. And it was nice to hear that Flux doesn't mind being boastful sometimes either.

Flux Pavilion will be headlining Wet Electric, Saturday, October 5 at Big Surf.

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Taylor Moon
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