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George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic

Younger generations may not know him outside his appearance in the 1994 college comedy PCU and Dr. Dre sampling his work, but 67-year-old funk pioneer George Clinton is still grinding away, touring the nation. The former staff songwriter for Motown is bringing his iconic band of psychedelic misfits, Parliament Funkadelic, with him to the Valley for a show that is sure to see quite a mix of fans, old and young. I cannot predict the future by any means, but I will hazard a guess that a few patrons may indulge in some sort of psychotropic substance during the course of the evening. Whatever the reason for such indulgence, Clinton welcomes all fans to bask in the glory of his funk-drenched soul — or is it soul-drenched funk? The prolific musician has released albums throughout the '80s, '90s and on, through 2008. It is hard to miss Clinton's influence in countless genres, from rock to rap, R&B to annoying jam bands. Draped in his trademark dreadlocks and DayGlo attire, George Clinton and his Parliament Funkadelic are sure to roll out their psychedelic red carpet for the Valley.
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Michael Lopez