Have You Seen What The Woodworks Have Been Up to Online?

The Woodworks like all the colors.EXPAND
The Woodworks like all the colors.
Amy Aranyosi
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The Woodworks have been busy working in the lab.

Their EP Glorious Episodes came out on March 20. Leading up to the release, they released a YouTube series filled with comedy sketches, guitar solos, crazy graphics, recurring bits, and a healthy dose of wild antics that at the moment that are a breath of fresh air artistically.

The first episode kicks things off with a spun version of what really happened to "Becky," the girl from Sir Mix-A-Lot's classic "Baby Got Back," and it only dives deeper into the creative minds of the band, who include vocalist and guitarist Solo Lounsbury, drummer Konstantin "Stan" Bosch, and bassist Steve Beer.

Phoenix New Times caught up with Konstantin "Stan" Bosch to talk about how the concept for the series came to be.

Phoenix New Times: What inspired you to release the YouTube series?

"Stan" Bosch: We really wanted to focus on getting video content out so people inside and outside of our music scene could get to know us as a band a little more. After months of talking about it and brainstorming ideas, we bought a green screen rig and started putting it together.

What's your favorite moment from the YouTube series and why does that stand out to you personally?

I really love the video we made for "Fever Dream" from episode two. That was the first thing we dug into and really got to be recklessly creative. Same with the song itself ... It's a different sound for us and just explodes on a good sound system.

What did you use to film and edit the videos? It feels very DIY, but very well put together.

The budget was pretty small for this. We wanted to be able to get good wide shots and have 4K possibilities, so we used a GoPro Hero5 to shoot most of it. I have been editing videos for a while and have Adobe Premiere Elements on my desktop. It's not the most professional setup, but I kind of like trying to work within the restrictions.

Any plans for more episodes, videos, music releases?

Definitely! Not exactly sure if we'll keep the episodic format going, but we're all about the video content now. Once this pandemic has leveled out, we are ready to jump right back in. When we went into STEM Recording to lay down the drums and bass for the EP, we also cranked out another EP's worth of rhythm section frameworks. So we'll probably have another release late this year.

Any words you wish to share about your experience with livestreaming?

I'm pretty fortunate because I married the singer. As far as making music goes, we have each other around to create stuff and bounce ideas around. And Steve has a recording setup at his place, so we can still collaborate remotely.

We did a livestream to celebrate the release of Glorious Episodes right when things were starting to get pretty serious. Since the severity has elevated a lot since then, we're holding off on getting together. But it's been nice seeing our peers do their thing and work with what they have. Ultimately, my feeling is that it will pass, and like everyone reading this, I'm really eager to see friends and bands again.

The Woodworks new EP Glorious Episodes is now available on all major streaming platforms and available for sale on Bandcamp.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.