Phoenix/Las Vegas duo HavocNdeeD recently remixed Linkin Park's "Wretches and Kings," and the track is getting some major love from the NME Blog.

"Oh my. This is, well, bloody amazing," writes Rebecca Schiller about the remix.

"Wretches and Kings" originally appeared on Linkin Park's divisive album A Thousand Suns, a record that confused some fans with its forays into progressive ambiance and political themes.

HavocNdeeD Remix of Linkin Park's "Wretches and Kings" Gets Love From NME

The remix falls into the duo's dubstep style, playing up the hip-hop vibe of the original, with glitchy, heavy bass rumbling beneath proclamations by Chuck D. of Public Enemy and a sample of Mario Savio's famous "put your bodies on the gears" speech.

The track comes with some rumors that Linkin Park is working on a remix album, with both NME and Some Kind of Awesome reporting that Glitch Mob, Diplo, The KickDrums, Get Busy Committee, and more may be involved.

We profiled DJ J-Paul, the Phoenix half of HavocNdeeD, recently as part of our DJ Dossier column, where he discussed dubstep, industrial music, and his Mormonism.

The Hundreds Soundcloud page features the song:

Wretches & Kings feat. Linkin Park & Chuck D by The Hundreds

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